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Two Cadinot models get to shoot together for the first time. They share each others experience at being porn stars but beneath the casual chat is hiding the huge desire to fuck each other's brains out...

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Two beautiful sexy French guys. The younger guy will suck the huge monster dick of another guy which is very sexy... Nice hairless bodies and haircuts. We do not know where Cadinot find all those bidicked guys...! We shall ask him !

Hotel thief

Yes, times have changed... Once a time ago in 5 stars hotels you were in total security. You could leave your money on the desk and find it on the same place when you get back from your tour. But today even the hotel stuff are ready to steal your money. This guy was about to do it. The tourist offers to him his money in exchange of sex. Humiliated, but in need of some money, the guy from the hotel will accept the offer and fuck the tourist in rough manner.

Fucked for security reasons by two arab guards

A Parisian museum is hosting an exhibition from Russian Museum of Civilisations. For this occasion the security service is handled by Russian guards. These men have unconventional vision of security and take every single treat to security very seriously. On this occasion they will deep search a customer who seems to be too interested in they personal exhibits.

Boys will be boys

Let's have a look today at two young twinks in a passionate session. J'r'me and Patrice cover their beautiful boyish bodies with massage oil. Then they caress each other, exploring every curve and muscle. They are eager to taste, feel and fuck each other senseless. Boys will be boys!


Two beautiful boys have only one thing in mind: kissing, sucking and fucking. It's been ages since the last time they both emptied their balls and the urge of shooting a hot load is irresistible! All we can do is watch the inevitable! Enjoy...


Giacomo Ferreri decided to completely submit to the dominant fantasies of Julien Welman...Julien is a persuasive top who knows how to get the best of his partners. He plays with them and turns them into his sexual toys. The dude is super-hung so it's always a win-win situation!

Fuck me like a whore

A gorgeous mixed race guy is being fucked by his white budd. In this Cadinot video both guys play their roles in full flavor mode. The top french sport guy is thrilled to fuck that smooth and hot ass. The black guy, totally straight looking, take it deep and enjoy it like a bitch. We love this video.

Organic Sex
Organic Sex

A young french guys is fucked by arab men and his pal in the kitchen. The bottom guy will have to deal with two big cocks, and some organic vegetables. Yes, we all know, organic food is good for health, big dicks even better, and French kitchen is the place of many wonders. Bon appétit !

The best punishment of all
The best punishment of all

A young delinquent is meeting his mentor (as young as him). He must be taught a lesson for being a bad boy. To assert his authority the mentor uses his sublime 8,5 inch cock to shut him up and expend his horizons...Stretch out his ass should I say!

18 year old sex-professional
18 year old sex-professional

He's got everything going for him: indecent beauty, hard smooth body, long and thick cock. He is stunning and he knows it. He is a top. A dominant hard-fucking top who could get his hands on anyone he chooses. He is so good at pleasuring a bottom that he's decided to make it his job...Check him out!


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