Backrooms & Donjons

Every night in his bed, a young Asian boy loses himself in his hot fantasy dreams. He imagines himself captured by a pervert soldier and his Arab assistant. Tied up on a sling, totally exposed and hopeless against the vicious hands of his tormentors.He dreams of being forced to suck cock while his beautiful smooth ass gets invaded by the biggest dildos and a fist. A huge cucumber enters his hole...he loves it! Fantasy of humiliation and violence...his eyes are closed and he's having a wet dream...

The eventful life of a shy porn writer. The sexual adventures of his heroes: the stallion, splendid, dominating and unbeatable. His opposite, in other words. The stallion lives a life which parallels the life of his creator. The student, the electrician, his friends and his editor make his life hell. He takes his revenge in his novel by putting them in perilous situations in front of this powerhouse, the majestic stallion.

A very handsome french mediteranian guy is visiting night bar and drinks too much of alcool. The barman is facinated by georgeous face and body of this top gay and serves him free drinks. He invites the nice face to the backroom. In the dark of the place a third guy, with huge dick and dildo, is waiting for "victims". The nice guy will fuck the barman, and will end with big dick of third guy into his ass as well !

Ils arrivent là et trouvent deux mecs en train de profiter du sexe entre hommes. Homophobes notoires, ils vont tenter de les frapper, histoire de leur donner une ?bonne leçon?. À ceci prêt qu'ils sont tombés sur plus fort qu'eux. En quelques secondes, ils sont maîtrisés. Ils vont laisser l'un d'eux s'enfuir, le plus moche. Quant à l'autre? il va lui falloir assumer son statut de prisonnier. Presque violé au départ, en tous cas contraint, il va mécaniquement aimer ce qu'on lui fait et devenir un vrai amoureux de la bite XL !

Little twinkly naughty boy in a solo video. Watch him play with his cock, fuck himself with a dildo in some hot self ass-pleasuring action!

A little gay dude has been dreaming and wanking about being used by a dominant male. Today he's gonna turn his dream to reality when meeting up with a vicious soldier. The boy's poor ass is about to get some serious abuse!

Youri, a young Russian tourist, arrives in Paris and discovers the pleasures of hitch-hiking in France. An enthralling road movie all over France. An abandoned factory, lay-bys and small country roads set the scene for Youri's first journey through France. His meeting with a soldier, who celebrates his recent demob with an athletic identity check, takes us on a strange adventure where squatters, workmen, policemen and foreign holidaymakers introducing them to some very specialised and extraordinary local delicacies.


Backrooms & Donjons

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