HAREM - full movie
HAREM - full movie

HAREM - full movie

Gay video. Time: 56 min

A French teenager discovers the delights of the hammam with a young Moroccan who finally becomes his lover. It all starts at a hammam. In the steamy bath, a French teenager discovers Arab sensuality at its best, like a thunderbolt. But when his young Moroccan leaves the building, he becomes invisible in the kasbah's alleyways. Our young hero sets out to follow him through the busy streets but, too far behind him, he gets lost in the souks where he will discover, in the back rooms of shops, the very particular hospitality of Eastern traders. Among the waves of bronzed men comes an ebony adonis, probably the most beautiful in all of Cadinot's collection. The play of his white clothes over his black skin gives his scenes an extraordinary sensuality. Without doubt, it is one of the most dazzling pages in the history of gay eroticism. Cadinot is responsible for the most sensual holiday programme on the subject of Northern Africa. Since these images, there must have been a onslaught of gay charter flights to Northern Africa! At the end of his chase, returning to the hammam, the French youth experiences a moment of intense heat in the middle of a group of young guys who are all different and very... undertaking. In the end, he finds the object of his desires in sensual scenes at the edge of the sea and in his bedroom. Contains Gar'ons de Plage as a bonus.

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